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  • Contemporary Artist Highlight: Peter Lik

    August 23rd, 2013 · 10:40 am  →  Appraisal Blog Contemporary Art Photography Travel

                      Peter Lik is an Australian-born landscape photographer whose love for photography began at the age of only eight years old. His Czech-immigrant parents had given him a Kodak Brownie camera, with which he soon taught himself to capture images of nature and landscape. In 1984 heRead the Rest…

    Art & Travel in 20th Century Europe

    October 12th, 2011 · 3:04 pm  →  Appraisal Blog Travel

    In the mid 1900’s, tourism, like art, was alive and well in Europe.  The end of WWII swept a wave of military members, travel enthusiasts and diplomats across the region, exposing people from all walks of life to all kinds of art.  Advances in technology and transportation made the 20th Century a wonderful time forRead the Rest…