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  • IN CASES SUCH AS divorce, when property must be divided, it is important to prove what assets exist and what their value is in order for them to be appropriately divided. It is the responsibility of the involved parties to provide this information. This is where MIR Appraisal Services comes in. We will:

    •  Identify relevant personal property attained in the marital state.
    •  Research relevant personal property and provide an in-depth fair market value appraisal report, which can then be presented in a court of law.
    •  Provide expert witness testimony if the divorce case reaches litigation.
    1. Advisory Services
    We help our clients by appearing on-site and inspecting all the items of personal property in question.  We take detailed notes and images for potential research purposes and discuss the items with you.  After the consultation, you can decide if you would like to move forward with an equitable distribution appraisal report.  Note: We can provide this service at separate residences, if necessary.
    Advisory Services
    Appraisal Report
    2. Appraisal Report
    We will compile all notes and images to research and confirm the fair market value of your assets. After our research is complete, we will put all of our data into an appraisal report. This describes your items, states their condition, and provides their value. This report can then be presented in a court of law as proof of value for items attained in the marital state.
    3. Expert Witness Testimony
    Once the appraisal report has been provided and submitted in order to negotiate the division of marital assets, testimony is often required. Our senior appraisers are available to serve as expert witnesses, either taking the witness stand or providing deposition testimony. They will explain the provided appraisal report, most often elaborating on how the value assessment was reached.
    Expert Witness Testimony