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    The Verbal Advisory Service is a great way to gain basic information on your item(s). For a flat rate, our research and appraisal team will examine your item (either in person or via photographs) and verbally express our professional opinion as to the current fair market value, condition, medium, and information regarding the artist/maker.

    During the examination you can additionally receive advice on how to care for your item(s) and learn if they are worth insuring.

    Schedule an Appointment
    We can help you in person or via mailed or emailed images of your items. Call 312.814.8510 or email us at info@mirappraisal.com to begin the discussion of your items. We will quote you a flat- rate fee based upon the number of items you need evaluated. Note: we accept only cash or check.
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    Preliminary Consultation
    During the physical examination (or upon receipt of images), we will conduct preliminary background and market research. We will then provide you with our opinion as to the potential worth of the piece(s) and discuss whether or not further research or authentication is needed in order to verify the most accurate value of the item(s).
    Preliminary Consultation
    Further Research
    Based on the information provided through the consultation, you may decide if you would like to go forward with further research, an appraisal report, authentication, liquidation, and/or conservation & restoration services.
    Further Research