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  • FOR OVER 20 YEARS, MIR Appraisal has provided independent appraisal and advisory services for religious, educational, commercial, non-profit, and municipal organizations, as well as private collectors. We specialize in appraising fine art, jewelry, antiques, furniture, and decorative items. We regard research and analysis to be the most important aspects of the appraisal process. Our researchers and appraisers place an overall value on items by taking into account their provenance, examining their historical significance, and analyzing the current state of the market for comparable items.
    Our Approach
    Our research methods are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We offer a variety of appraisal services including verbal evaluations, sellers consultations and written appraisal reports. If you are looking to establish insurance coverage for your artwork, you will need a report that determines the retail replacement values of your items, indicating the value you would have to pay to repurchase the same items in today’s market. If you want to sell your item, you will need to learn the fair market value of your objects in order to present the appropriate asking price to a potential buyer. Consulting with our team of art appraisers and researchers will further point you in the right direction. Learn More »
    Our Research-Based Approach
    Experience Matters
    about_experiencemattersMIR Appraisal’s team includes both professional appraisers (including a certified gemologist) and qualified researchers. Our appraisers are certified through the International Society of Appraisers.

    Farhad & Bill 2 (03.27.15)

    Farhad Radfar, ISA AM
    Director, Senior Appraiser

    Dave Thorpe
    Religious, Educational, and Nonprofit Institutions Director

    William Milne, ISA AM
    Senior Appraiser, Gemologist

    Kaitlin Rigney, MA

    Jessica May, MSC

    Alan Q. Platt, MA

    Claire Pflueger










    Religious, Educational, and Non-Profit Institutions

    We have extensive experience working with religious and educational non-profit institutions and museums. Because of our deep regard for these organizations, MIR Appraisal is currently developing a dedicated division of our company to facilitate these services specifically. Special and discounted rates are provided for these institutions. If you represent an organization of this type, please feel free to call or email us to discuss your unique situation. Please check back soon for more information.

    Religious, Educational, Non-Profit Institutions



    Selection of Artists Researched & Represented

    Throughout the years, our appraisers and researchers have had the pleasure of appraising and researching works by a variety of artists. This is only a sample of these artists. Please keep in mind that if you do not see an artist that you are looking for you can give our office a call at 312.814.8510 and any member of our staff would be more than happy to assist you in acquiring information through one of our many tailored services.