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  • Richard Diebenkorn: The High Price of a Print

    October 28th, 2013 · 9:17 am  →  Appraisal Blog Contemporary Art Modern Art Prints Works on Paper

    Based upon the outcome of recent auctions, the top end of the print market is on the rise.  Although the paintings and sculptures of established artists still carry a significantly higher price tag, the print market is doing shockingly well.  This trend is particularly noticeable among large-scale prints by modern artists such as Mastisse, Warhol,Read the Rest…

    Featured Artist: August Wilhelm Leu

    October 4th, 2013 · 4:58 pm  →  19th Century Art Appraisal Art History Blog Painting

    This week, we have decided to feature an important German artist by the name of August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897). Born in Munster in 1819, Leu entered the Academy of Dusseldorf in 1840.  Although he was initially interested in engraving, he was profoundly influenced by the teaching of Johann Wilhelm Shirmer, whose focus was on landscapeRead the Rest…